Who is suffering from this recession? And what can they do about it?



„Recession“ appears to be a wide consensus right now. „Everybody“ and their brother are talking about it. Recession is in just about every newspaper and newscast. 

I think there are two ways of being affected by the present ecomonic situation and the way it is presented in the media:

  1. You can emotionally and mentally buy into the hype and get all fearfull and stressed. This is what happens to a lot of people to a varying degree, with many of them being distraught and close to panic.
    This is, of course, highly detrimental, because under stress people make bad decisions and tend to take harmful actions. Stress hormones interfere with the functioning of our intelligent brain cells and thus reduce our intelligence. As Silvia Hartmann has put it: Stress makes you stupid.
    One of the things that people tend to do is to fall into a mindset of being a victim, of being powerless and then remain passive. This way the economic doom becomes a dyre reality for many.
    This goes for employees as well as for self-employed professionals as well as for entrepreneurs.
  2. You can deal with the emotional side of things in an intelligent way, be pro-active and make the best of it. Please note that quite a number of companies that are now great world wide brands were started in a recesion (I read an article about this recently, but the only company name I remember right now is MicroSoft). And there are those people who get great jobs and make a good carrer even in a recession. It seems that when people don’t know or decide to ignore that times are rough, they still have a good chance to succeed.
    How to deal with these harmful emotions you ask? Well, let me recommend the many modalities of Energy Psychology (my personal favorites being EmoTrance and EFT). When you read the newspaper or watch the news on TV and a report or a statistic or a forecast gives you the creeps get that energy out of your system right away! You will feel differently, for sure. And you will avoid the consequences of being stressed:           

    • flooding your body with (more) stress hormones that will do harm to your physical, mental, and emotional health long term, 
    • dumbing down,
    • feeling bad, and 
    • making bad descisions.

What is changing due to the state of the economy?

Have you noticed, how cafes and restaurants and shops and airlines are still pretty busy? Here in Germany I don’t see much of a change. I read similar things about the US. So it seems that most of the money is still being spent. A poll concerning spending for vacations showed that in Germany only a decrease by 3 % is to be expected. The automobile industry seems to be stabilising. Not all that gloomy if you ask me.
If you are on the lookout for them you can find the good news – but you will hardly find them in the news on TV or in the papers. Nor will the be in big letters and bold print. 
Let me quote Ed Dale on this:
Our “selling real stuff to real people” web sites just had one of their best months ever.
I was at the world home of coffee – Genovese, yesterday picking up my birthday present. They have NEVER sold more coffee than right now.
My local bookstore (who really should be DOOMED) is having their best quarter ever.
30DC Inc had it’s best two quarters during the depth of the “crisis”
Our local dance school has had to turn students away.
The local KUMON franchise is now operating a waiting list.
Apple Computer had its best Quarter Ever…
Now I KNOW you can open any news broadcast and give me a dozen stories to counteract the above. Like I said, things in certain sectors are bad (American Wedding Photographers, any business that has relied on easy credit to drive sales for example)
You NEVER hear any of the good news. It really makes me go poopie.
So the bad news is getting a lot of coverage, is delivered to your door in great quantities and dominates people’s perceptions and minds, where as the good news is hidden away and you usually have to go and search for it.
While I guess that most people will probably not be too severely affected there are those who have lost or will lose their jobs or business. Many of those the shock will drive into a depressed mood and into inactivity. Their chances of picking themselves up and get running again are not exactly excellent.
BTW: Did you notice how there have been layoffs even when the economy was up and humming? For example: One large German insurance company fired some 5000 people (if I remember correctly) the year before last (I think) and their profits were at an all time high that year.
Well, what does the present economic situation mean on a very basic level? It means things aren’t going on just as they were before. There are changes. Yes, change is happening. Change is something loads of people would rather do without and it causes a lot of insecurity.
BUT: Change is the only constant. 
Yes, I do know that that’s nothing new. Still, in daily life we tend to ignore that or forget it and get stressed by it because of our emotional, subconscious reactions (see above). Coping with change – and the related emotions – is a key faculty to have. We’ve known that (at least in theory) since Darwin. Or since Spencer Johnsons Who moved my cheese?.
My guess is that in future many, many more people will need to be self-employed. That means they will be their own bosses – which can be a nice thing – and they will have to do a different kind of marketing. This is actually a good idea for many of us, especially if we already are self-employed or entrepreneurs.
Market interaction has been changing for a while now with the internet making communication with a large audience ever faster and easier. More of us need to get our benefits from that.
So, how do we do that?

How about podcasting?

Of the many ways there are I want to take a closer look at podcasting. „At what?“ some may just have exclaimed. Well it is simply audio files distributed via the internet. 
But isn’t that awfully complicated and difficult? From what I’ve learned so far: No. Not necessarily much more difficult than using a telephone and a computer – like for email. If you can do both you probably can podcast – or have your own internet radio show, if you want to put it like that. 😉
The percentage of Internet users who listen to podcasts is expected to grow from 9% in 2008 do 17% in 2013 (eMarketer). In the US some 50% of mostly online buyer said in a survey that they listened to podcasts. 
Quite a market.
This is about connecting more and communicating with your audience, your customers, your prospects. This is about bringing in more and new people. This is about not being a victim of economic emotions. This is about thriving even in a difficult situation.
I have, like others, experienced that semiar attendence and individual sessions are less this year compared to 2008. But I don’t give in! I will strike out in new directions. One of them is podcasting. 
And: I have decided to learn about podcasting from top experts. And since podcasting is not new (it stared way back in 2001 with the first audioblog) there are a number of people around who are willing to teach this subject.
BUT we don’t want to be all geeky and technical (at least I don’t), even though the subject can take that route all too easily. Let’s remember that we started out talking about recession and what you can do about it. That is our focus here.
So I am all about profitable podcasting. This brings the number of relevant teachers down dramatically.
Profitable podcasting is a chance for practitioners, independent/self-employed professionals, or entrepreneurs of all sorts. I think even employees can profit from it – be it building a business on the side or publicly demonstrating expertise in their field or hobby (think of possible employers getting this).
Well, as I said, I want to learn more about profitable podcasting. And I think I found the best teachers to learn from. They are a duo of experts, one for the marketing side, one for the technology. They have been around for years and years and have proven their expert status consistently.
On April 9, 2009, 9 pm eastern time (US) they will hold a live Teletraining that is scheduled for 2 hours. I heard that last year it lasted for three hours. The normal fee is $99 but if you enter a special Promo Code (PC916) you save $79 and pay only $20.
If you are at all intersted in learning about a way to monetize your knowledge and your abilities get on this teletraining – even if you cannot be there live. As far as I know there will be an online replay or a download for you if you registered.
AND I found out that registrants will be eligible for two strategy session calls on the following two days.
Well, I think that is a lot of value for $20. I intend to be there. Don’t miss this.
Go here to find out more: PodcastSecrets Teletraining. And remember, Promo Code „PC916“ will save you $79.
I would like to hear from you – what you think. Let’s dicuss this.
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Eine Antwort zu Who is suffering from this recession? And what can they do about it?

  1. dete1 schreibt:

    There is another way to beat recession, economically slow times etc. It is to apply intelligent small changes to your business that amount to substantial increases in profits.
    Probably the best person to show you how to do this is the famous consultant who over more than 15 years has helped lots of businesses to rake in more profits. You find him here: Blueprints To Profits“ .

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